Template Proceeding


There are a number of essential basic requirements which must be followed during preparation of your article. If article PDFs are prepared without following these essential requirements, publication may be delayed until a useable PDF is received.

Essential requirements

Articles must not contain page numbers, headers or footers
This is extremely important. Page numbers, copyright details etc are added by IOP Publishing during the production and publication process. If you put page numbers on your paper we will have to contact you for a replacement PDF, which could delay publication of the entire proceedings.

Article margins must be adequate
We recommend a minimum 25mm all round. The Microsoft Word and LaTeX2e templates automatically provide the correct margins so their use is highly recommended.

All articles must have an abstract
When readers are searching for information online, an abstract of an article is likely to be the first thing they see. Your abstract needs to be concise but convey as much information as possible about the content of your article. In addition, IOP Publishing will supply your abstract to many other database systems used by researchers to find papers; consequently, your article's abstract will help bring your work to the attention of the scientific community.

All papers must have the e-mail address of one author we can contact
During production of the proceedings we may need to contact you if there is something we need to check or to request a replacement PDF file.

Additional checks

Addresses should be complete and include the country
Authors are encouraged to provide full and complete addresses of their institutions, including country. Quite often not all author e-mail addresses are listed so that readers wishing to make contact will need to trace the relevant author using institution addresses. In addition, addresses listed on the articles may be used in the preparation of shipping instructions for distribution of printed copies or CDs so it is important for the addresses to be as complete as possible.

Are all your references complete and carefully formatted?
As part of the production system for Journal of Physics: Conference Series, online versions of all reference lists will, wherever possible, be electronically linked to the articles that you cite. Reference lists containing many links direct to the cited paper (usually the abstract) are a valuable research tool; the time and effort you spend in preparing your references, so that we can link them, will be welcomed by readers of your paper. Formatting and preparing references, with numerous examples, is discussed in the Microsoft Word and LaTeX2e guidelines.