Khalijah Awang

Prof Dr. Khalija Awang

Dr. Awang completed her doctoral degree at the Universite Rene Descartes, France in 1993 after finishing her master’s degree from University of Malaya in 1991 and bachelor’s degree from Waterloo University, Canada, in 1987. Her research interests are in natural Products and Medicinal Chemistry (natural products, NMR, alkaloids, biological activity, SAR/QSAR, Synthesis/ hemisynthesis. Dr. Awang research involves the chemotaxonomy studies of plants from the Malaysian flora especially from the families of Annonanaceae, Apocynaceae, Meliaceae and Rubiaceae. The biological activities, antiplasmodial, cytotoxicity, antihypertensive of the isolated compounds isolated were also investigated. The structure activity relationship (SAR and QSAR) of potent natural products and hemi-synthesis of natural products analogues are also of our interest together with kinetic studies of bio activity compounds. Currently, she intensifies her investigations on Malaysian medicinal herbs/plants used in the traditional medicine practices leading to the standardization of medicinal plants and bioassay guided studies. Additionally, Dr. Awang is actively involved as a reviewer, PLoS ONE, Phytochemistry, Journal of Natural Products (Journal); a coordinator, French-Malaysian Collaborative Scientific Research Program; and a member, Natural Product Society of Malaysia Associate Member, Malaysian Institute of Chemistry (IKM).

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